The director of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order relies fully on the game

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts presented the first trailer of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order last month, although we will have to wait for E3 2019 to see the game in depth. However, director Stig Asmussen is confident that his team has something special with this project.

Asmussen says that despite having a team with a very diverse past – but he has worked in very important games -, “when I come to work every day I feel the atmosphere and energy in the studio, I put my hands on the pad and see that what we’re doing is really fun and makes me feel good, it lets me know that we’re on the right track, and I’ll tell you that I fully trust that we do something special, “he tells PlayStation Magazine.

The team has veterans who have participated in games like Uncharted , Batman , BioShock , Metal Gear , God of War – he himself directed God of War III -, Titanfall and Call of Duty .

EA expects to sell from 6-8000000 of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order during the fiscal year. The game is released on November 15, and there will be no multiplayer or microtransactions .

Chris Avellone is satisfied with the work of Star Wars Jedi

Chris Avellone is satisfied with the work of Star Wars Jedi

he designer and screenwriter Chris Avellone says he enjoyed working on Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order by Respawn Entertainment , the action game released on November 15.

Avellone emphasizes that director Stig Asmussen – director of God of War III – has a “solid vision and what is even better, he knows how to communicate it, he set a good path for the project, and he was also familiar with the main narrative designer, Aaron Contreras, he was one of the key developers in Mafia III and I always wanted to work with them, this was a good opportunity, working with both of them – Asmussen and Contreras – has been absolutely great . “

The relationship with Lucasfilm has also been good : “They had excellent annotations and reasons for the changes, and when you listened to them they answered many future questions, like ‘ok, well, we should not do that because they have explained the reason.'”

Avellone has worked – or continues to work – on several projects, including Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 , Dying Light 2 , Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms and the upcoming Ken Levine in Ghost Story Games.

Fallen Order on Nintendo Switch

Fallen Order on Nintendo Switch

Given the politics of Electronic Arts this is not a surprise, but the company has indicated that they will not launch Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on Nintendo Switch.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will arrive in November to PC and Xbox One consoles and PlayStation 4 from Respawn Entertainment, but Nintendo Switch is not among the target platforms.

Jay Ingram, responsible for the community of EA, has answered questions from fans on Twitter about a possible release of the title on the Nintendo console.

“Although Switch is amazing, there are no plans” to launch the Star Wars title on it. Therefore, the policy of EA that was clearly seen in Wii U is maintained: almost no support for the Nintendo console.

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