The big questions of Final Fantasy VII Remake: chapters, release and exclusivity

Everything points to that Square Enix is going to be terrorising the partridge a longer time with regard to everything that we still do not know Final Fantasy VII Remake. I admit it, it’s easy to be happy about what we saw on the State of Play, mainly because we came out of nowhere in terms of new graphic content, we’ve been orphaned since 2015. But, after the euphoria, I think it should be made clear that we continue with some important doubts, which are: how many parts this will have, when it will come out and under what terms exclusivity will be built with Sony, because let us remember that there is.

When we learned that FFVII Remake was episodic, it was easy to imagine (or believe) that the thing would attempt to emulate the structure of the original 3 CDs, but with the recent trailer the thing doesn’t seem so clear. We are still in Midgar, having barely seen the first hours of play, and the idea that this first episode is focused solely on the big city is gaining weight. And this has a clear implication in the design: we will not go into the open world until Chapter 2.

Today I bet on the following structure, which could have 3 episodes

Today I bet on the following structure, which could have 3 episodesThe first release would be more linear closing with the exit of the city, a second open episode would end just after what happens in the city of the elders and a final release would take care of the entire final stretch of the story and its consequent endgame. The latter is what I have the most doubts about, because I see it quite easy that you want to stretch the gum and divide the last third into two more capis.

It must be borne in mind that the intention to move the world of FFVII to the scale of FFXV is a titanic project, really ambitious, and that there are not few locations to recreate, or anything like that. Cosmo Canyon, Costa del Sol, Gold Saucer, Junon, Fort Condor, Nibelheim … it’s a lot of work. That is why I believe that all this volume of content will come to us later, and what we will receive first will be just one city, the largest, Midgar and everything that is gestated in it, which is not little.

Considering that this should easily take its 5 years to develop

Fantasy VII

And that the complications-first after the release of Cyberconnect2 and second with the most concerned name of Kingdom Hearts 3 – have been left behind, there are reasons to be optimistic and expect a launch between the end of this year and the beginning of the next. The bad stuff? It might take us a year or two to get Chapter 2 if we want to re-use the capital injection and be ambitious with it.

And this brings me to the last two questions. One has to do with the price per episode, and I see it easy that here we want to get a premiere with its 30-35 hours of content so that we can sell it at almost a full game price. Another, that theoretically this can be played only in PS4 at its premiere, and that after the exclusivity (presumably one year) is finished we may already be in the next generation. Yes, my more agorera part does not ensure that this is launched on Xbox One; it could jump directly to its older sister, Scarlett. It would be an intergenerational game, but only with Sony.

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