Analysis of Senran Kagura Peach Ball

Senran Kagura Peach Ball is a pinball game in which the shinobis are once again the centrepiece of the adventure. Our goal is very simple, to use the flippers of the machine to hit the ball and that it in turn impact on the girls so that gradually they recover, all while we discover the secrets of each table, we try to get the highest score and we unlock new objects.

The story of the game focuses on the new invention of Haruka

The story of the game focuses on the new invention of HarukaA transformation medicine called Kemonar that allows girls to transform into adorable animals. Now, in order for everything to return to normal, we must use a mysterious Peach Ball, casually fitting everything into a pinball machine that allows us to hit them until they regain their original form.

It is not a plot that attracts special attention, serving simply as an excuse to have to use the pinballs and hit the girls with the balls while they make sensual noises and, when the effects of the Kemonar disappear, they are completely naked (although nothing is really shown). In addition all texts are in English or French, making it difficult to access some players even though they are quite simple. At least everything is told through scenes you can jump if you’re not interested.

The controls are the ones of the pinballs, where we can move the flippers to hit the ball in the direction we want, use a spring to pull that ball out when we have lost another or shake the table in case of urgency if we see that it will fall through an unwanted hole. But be careful, keep in mind that the table can only be shaken once every certain time, not letting it here when we want and that we are pointed out as in other similar games. We also have the possibility to use objects and change perspective.

To the right of the screen you can see all available Peach missions, which will make you get normal Peach points to achieve greater goals. By activating certain tricks or hitting the girl enough certain times, she will turn around and change position, then entering the after Break phase to hit her in certain areas and get extra points.

If we manage to accumulate enough Peach points we travel to bonus stages known as Sexy Challenge, where multiple balls appear simultaneously to hit the different goals that appear and thus get more points. If we reach the peak of Peach points for the third time, we enter the Super Sexy Challenge, in which we use flippers to get the ball to the girl in question and gradually get excited, finishing the level when this phase ends.

Having to meet challenges is quite fun in general, but we lack a greater number of characters and tables, being also the two quite similar to each other in terms of structures like the this soon makes it repetitive, but at least makes up for it with its large number of unblockable objects.

As for Game Modes, The main one is again The History Mode

As for Game Modes, The main one is again The History ModeHere we choose the stage of one of the five girls (unlocking the rest of the phases by playing at least one), in which we are told the plot through several scenes and we have to complete certain objectives if we want to move forward. If you find it difficult, you can always activate the Wizard Mode, which causes you to have eight balls in reserve and receive the help of Bebeby, which will kick any ball that falls through the side holes. It is quite entertaining and, if you meet all the objectives of a level, you will get objects to use in Diorama mode.

On the other hand we have the Free Way. In this place we can choose a table and the characters we want with the sole aim of getting the highest possible score. But when you get to the Super Sexy Challenge, The Secret Super Sexy Challenge will randomly appear so that we can get new suits, accessories or balls when you meet your goals.

As always, we could not miss the dressing room, where we can customize the look of the girls, interact with them or make them pose in different positions and backgrounds next to the unlocked objects and then take snapshots. Next to this is the store, in which to buy new balls and costumes with the money obtained, renewing their items the more we play, and the gallery, where to enjoy the scenes, illustrations or music we have unlocked playing or buying them in the store.

The duration of the game is not very long, but having so many unlockable lengthens your life considerably. It is also very replaceable for always trying to overcome the brands, arriving new contents in the future with DLCs.

The graphic section meets thanks to the colourful display it displays, with good character designs, detailed scenarios and effects achieved. Perhaps we have missed more elements on the table, as soon you will have seen all the parts of which they are composed. Besides, physics is not very realistic, although they do not function badly within the game.

The sound, without being spectacular, has varied melodies, very cheerful and lively that feel great to our games, always accompanied by worked effects. The voices come to us in Japanese, being These of quite quality, while the texts, as we have commented, are both in English and in French.

Senran Kagura Peach Ball is, in conclusion, A title he entertains for having good playable mechanics and lots of unlockable to get. It is a pity that the occasion has not been used to place more tables and characters, as in the few games you will see that it becomes repetitive. At least it’s always a pleasure to try to complete goals and pass scores. Just comment on what more content will come into play using DLCs.

A title intended for the followers of Senran Kagura’s characters, who can be pushed back by having so few characters despite maintaining all their sensuality.

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